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An escape room game that I made as a portfolio piece at The Game Assembly, where I study Level Design.

My project time was 5 weeks and my goal was to create a puzzle game that would feel like a real escape room. It was also a great opportunity to develop further in visual scripting, puzzle design and environmental design. 

My portfolio will be available April 17th.

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TagsAtmospheric, escape, Escape Game, escape-room, First-Person, Mystery, secrets, Unreal Engine


Fjellvind's Escape Rooms - The Mansion -.rar 528 MB


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Hello there! Great game, tried it out because it reminded me of The Room franchise, but I noticed a couple of glitches.
1) If you hit ESC while the inventory menu is up, and click continue, the text stays on screen for a while after.
2) The numbers on the keypad don't show up so it's very difficult to input the code to get out.

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

1. Yeah, I noticed that in a playthrough as well. I will add it to my To-Fix-list.

2. Just to be clear what you mean; 
a)When pressing a number you don't get visual feedback on which number(s) you have pressed?
b)The numbers on the keypad is not visible so you have to guess where each number is?

I will have it under consideration in my next project if it's the first option, otherwise it's a new bug that I will check out :)
Thanks again!

Both, the numbers are not on the keys themselves and there is no indication of what key was pressed. Now I understand there is no little display screen so the numbers not appearing in that way makes sense, but not being able to tell which key was pressed was very annoying.

Ah, yes, it sounds very frustrating and not at all how it is supposed to be. I will look into it and if you could post a picture of how the keypad looks to you, it would be appreciated!

Ah, I see. I will try and fix these kind of texture poolsize kind of problems in future projects!
Thanks for the report!

Man keep the good work, loved your game, will be looking for your next releases, i have made video trying your game ;)

Thank you so much! :)

I would love to see the video if you wouldn't mind. 
It helps me spot design flaws so that I can create better expeirences for you guys the next time.

Cheers mate

i think you already saw it on youtube. I am trying to notify all the creators of the games that i am testing.

I have, thanks again! :)


Hello there! For a game created in 5 weeks, you've been doing some great job! I love the music and the atmosphere in the game, I didn't play until the end so I didn't manage to find the code yet but I really enjoyed playing it ! 

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Thank you so much :) 
It has been so much fun working on it!

I don't think I will participate with this game but I will surely have it in mind for my next projects!
I will check out your website and bookmark it, thanks!

My pleasure! 

Cool game, really nice work. Impressive visually for sure and some good puzzles. :)

Thank you! :)

And thanks for that sweet playthrough of yours!
I was able to spot a couple of bugs I wasn't aware of, and it was a delight following your steps to escape!

Regarding the knight who got it right, it is a accident (bad design) that the riddle leads the player to think it's Right.
Well, it's the correct answer, but the "real" clue is hidden in the room. But that's on me :)

I will have that in mind, along with all other things I've learned, when creating the next part of Fjellvinds Escape Rooms.
Perhaps it will be in the same mansion...

Hey, I'm glad you like it. I really thought you played trick with the knight line... hiding the clue in plane sight. :) I can't wait to see the next escape rooms you create.